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Altrusans are Leaders



What can Altrusa offer you?



An opportunity to use your time and talent to enrich the lives of others.

Lasting friendships with people from diverse cultures and professions.

Personal leadership development as you assume responsibility in the club.

An opportunity to work on service projects of lasting benefit to the community.

Stimulating programs that expand your knowledge on community issues, providing a forum for exchange of ideas

Personal contacts that develop when business and professional people work together toward common goals.




What does Altrusa expect of you?


Members Are......



Expected to attend business and program meetings monthly.

Expected to serve on committees, support service projects, and participate in the annual fund-raising projects which enable Altrusa to provide financial assistance to many organizations.

Expected to recruit eligible friends and associates for membership.

Encouraged to share their interests, whether personal, community and/or professional, with each other and with prospective members.

Expected to pay annual dues in a timely manner.




For information on becoming an Altrusan:

Send an e-mail to......