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"Yacht Enclosures of the Future"


I am an authorized dealer in Ohio with EZ2CY products, as well as Sunbrella and Stamoid Marine Fabrics.

An enclosure for any boat is a very expensive item and great care should be taken to get good value. But what is value in the world of enclosures? Value means a lot more than lowest price here!

EZ2CY™ patented enclosure is the clearest enclosure you can buy! Acrylite acrylic used in EZ2CY™ makes it clearer than so called "Clear Vinyl", Coated Vinyl Polycarbonate, even clearer than glass. In-fact after 5 years use, the EZ2CY™ enclosure will be as clear glass. Acrylite is not attacked by diesel fuel (or smoke) and will not yellow, another advantage over these other materials.

The Big Difference

EZ2CY™ enclosures can be easily cleaned and are more resistant to scratches than clear vinyl and polycarbonate. Unlike coated vinyl or polycarbonate, when minor scratches do occur, they are easily removed with cleaners.

As with any quality product, cleaning your EZ2CY® Enclosure is a vital part of keeping it in good working condition, season after season.