It is important to have a family doctor to track your medical conditions and who makes your best of health a top priority. It helps to have a doctor on your side in dealing with insurance and accident matters. Your family doctor will coordinate care and referrals between specialists if necessary. Just as with routine scheduled maintenance prescribed by a car manufacturer, your family doctor reminds you of regular health checks such as cholesterol, mammograms, Pap smears, PSA (for prostate cancer screening) as well as diabetes and blood pressure screenings.

The Christian Clinic also serves as urgent care for visitors to the community with acute conditions that do not require an emergency room visit. For a faster more efficient visit, please fill out your instant medical history online before coming to the office.


Treatment of cuts and accidents injuries
School and work physicals
Quit smoking

Lumps, warts, and skin cancer

Treatment of depression, anxiety and destructive habits
Breast health, Pap smears
Fitness and peak performance motivation
Vein injection
Breast health, Pap smears
Prostate checks,


We welcome your kind referral of friends and family to our practice.


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