Is it true that I can lose 10 pounds a month at the Christian Clinic?
How do I lose weight after pregnancy?
What supplements and vitamins should I be taking?
How much exercise do I need?
Can you help me with something safe to control my appetite?
Can you give me unbiased advice about obesity surgery?

Dr. Christian is a general surgeon with expertise in bariatric (weight loss) surgery. In 1996, a nursing home asked for his assistance in helping a patient lose 50 pounds in order to obtain a hip replacement. This was successful and as word spread, he began receiving more and more massively overweight patients from all over the state and the country who are not surgical candidates. In 2002 he was featured on the Discovery Channel for helping a patient shed 1000 pounds without surgery. This patient came in on a flatbed truck weighing 1400 pounds and was bedridden for five years on account of his weight. Dr. Christian wrote a landmark faith and fitness book, Mannafast Miracle, based on his experiences. Get it now to learn his secrets for lasting and healthy weight loss. The book is available at the office and is used as a companion text to a personalized weight management program.

Eventually Dr. Christian decided to spend his energies preventing patients from becoming massively obese because of the severe complications from surgery for obesity and obesity itself. Many of our patients are young mothers with weight gain after pregnancy, injured men who are not as active as before, a wide variety of patients with emotional eating disorders and those with "middle age spread" looking to get more out of life. Dr. Christian's philosophy of treating obesity has more than just to do with a diet. He conducts a thorough medical review to diagnose the underlying causes, motivates increased fitness and gives personalized nutrition advice. Appetite suppression medication is sometimes used if patients meet the requirements.

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