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My name is Fred Zoeller and I am running for Seneca County Commissioner. On numerous occassions throughout my life I have heard the question, “Why can’t we get more successful business people involved in government?”. I believe people in private business have a better grasp on how to balance budgets, meet payrolls, look for ways to make things run efficiently and have a sense to make good decisions considering what is best for the “company” (Seneca County government) and not what garners the most political gain. I am here to help put business experience back into local government.

My wife and I started Laminate Technologies, Inc. 27 years ago. Our company has grown into 1 of the largest privately held manufacturers in our field with facilities in 3 states — Ohio, Tennessee and Texas. We employ about 150 hard working people. I understand the importance of starting and growing an operation but have been driven by good fiscal strategies and have aspired to “live within our means”. I have been blessed to be surrounded by a great group of people who can continue to run the company in my absence. The time has come for me to give something back to the community and that is what compelled me to run for Commissioner.

I have lived and worked in Seneca County my entire 56 years and believe my experience of running a successful business and managing a budget that is larger than that of Seneca County’s uniquely qualifies me to take on the task of being YOUR commissioner.

My goals are well-defined—to make sure we get full value from ever tax dollar that is spent and to live within our means.